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Day 3: A rustic wedding invite

EK Sample 1
Full disclosure: I cheated a little on Day 3. This is actually a more improved version (drawn on Day 4) of a rougher draft sketched up (on Day 3).

Starting some months ago, I’d gotten it into my head that I wanted to try my hand at design, namely in the area of greeting cards and wedding invites. I’ve always had a quirky sense of humor and more than a passing interest in sketching and layout design. Stationery seemed to be the perfect gateway craft!

So what better opportunity to put my skills to the test than a good friend’s upcoming nuptials? EK is a down-to-earth, self-proclaimed hipster (is that an oxymoron) who’s hosting her reception at the beautifully “urban rustic” PointBreezeway in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Courtesy of PointBreezeway website.

Right off the bat, I envisioned brown wrapping paper, lace, and foliage, maybe even some storybook- and telegram-inspired embellishments for EK and her fiancé’s writerly spirits. To my delight, EK loved it.

It’s only been one day since EK agreed to let me draw up her invites, but I’m hoping over the course of the next few days I can come up with a pretty sampling of designs for her to choose from.

More to come.


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