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Day 11: Some hair accessory fixes

The latest chapter to an episodic game I really like called “King’s Quest” came out recently, and I finally got around to loading it up.


Of course, halfway through my playthrough, Boyfriend decided he wanted to try a hand at the puzzle-solving himself.

While he commandeered my laptop, I decided to get a few things done, at least until he’d had his fill of my game. It was the perfect opportunity to tackle some broken hair accessories I’d stuffed away in a drawer long ago, telling myself I’d get around to repairing them someday.

First was my floral headband, from which a single, central gem had fallen off:


Then was my red rosette hair tie, which had lost its tie portion:


Finally, I had an elastic chain headband/necklace that had become unglued years ago (I bought it with a vermilion version but sadly haven’t been able to find that one anywhere):


Now to actually style my hair for once.

* * * * * * *

Speaking of hair accessories, lately I’ve been really into this ribbon scrunchie a neighbor gave me:

Maybe I can help scrunchies make a comeback?


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