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Day 28: A marimo terrarium

Okay, first off, I apologize for the atrocious bungling of this weekend’s posting. In my rather pathetic defense, my weekend was chock full of the local art fair and two weddings (the WORST) and out-of-towner guests and left me no sane moment to keep on top of my publishing (hence, my Sunday draft post that went up, sans picture, because I didn’t even have time to go pick up the referenced painting that day like I was supposed to). Appalling.

Fortunately, I did manage to keep on top of my projects, even if they were rather simpler, quicker one-offs. For the sake of full disclosure, let it be known that I’ll be backdating my Saturday post and it’ll also be a few days before I get the Sunday post updated with a picture, since the frame shop is too far to wheel to, too close for a cab, too impossible for me to get to without Boyfriend’s help.

Anyway, ALL THAT ASIDE. We finally get around to today’s project.

Presenting Roly, Poly, Holy, and Moly:


I’ve had a collection of some adorable little marimos (basically, algae balls) for a few weeks now, but I was holding off on finalizing my mini water garden until I could add some extra water plants I’d ordered, including a water hyacinth and some water spangles.

Stupidly, the vendor I bought them from botched the shipment process. Get this: He apparently mailed out two packages, with tracking numbers, but somehow both mysteriously disappeared before they ever reached a USPS location. Riiight. And then he had the gall to wonder why in the world I’d possibly file a complaint against him.

Anyway, I gave up on the water-top plants, at least until I could go and purchase the kids in person somewhere instead.

In a more promising move though, I noticed at the wedding I was at yesterday that the reception area centerpieces were housed in these wonderful wide square glass vases. And wouldn’t you know it, they were just going to throw them out after the event was over.

So obviously, I played up my Asian stereotypes and took a bunch home. Then I took one, threw out the flowers (which were already wilting anyway), filled it with filtered water, lined the bottom with smooth rocks, and threw in a glass lobster for effect.

Suck it, haters. Look how happy my marimo babies are.


Plants are the best.


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