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Day 43: A new website

By my full admission, when I threw together this blog, I figured it was so preliminary that all I really needed was a placeholder with decent enough CSS stylings. The WordPress blog themes are either limited in scope and aesthetic appeal or too expensive. So I decided to stick with the best free layout I could find, at least until I was sure I wasn’t shelling out cash for a domain I’d forget about anyway.

It’s been just over a month now and I feel like I’ve done a fair job keeping up with this “quest” of mine. Plus I’d found some free WordPress themes elsewhere that I liked.

(FYI: You cannot add themes to WordPress blogs, even with upgraded blog accounts. Lame!)

I spent pretty much all of yesterday trying to get my theme customized, so I could figure out how best to take advantage of its features.

It’s not done just yet, but I think I’m off to a decent start:

On that note: Followers, I’d be honored if you’d an opus per diem websitefollow my new website instead, where I expect to start posting exclusively within the next week or two.

Super stoked to bring you the complete perma-site soon.


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