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Day 80, 81, 82, 83, 84: A storybook script

For those of you who actually follow my blog and have noticed my absence over the last 10 days: my apologies! Rest assured, I have not forgotten my mission nor slacked on my creating.

I waited to post because I wanted to work on more substantial projects (that weren’t just quick one-day one-offs) that really demanded some time investment. I also thought it would get repetitive for me to continually post each tiny, grueling step of the process.

So I decided to compile several days into single posts. Without ado! Project 1 during the first half of my online absence (7/14-7/18): a script for an illustrated storybook.

I didn’t post the story here, because I’m weirdly paranoid about online trolls stealing my work. But if you’re interested in reading and providing critique, by all means shoot me a message.

In the meantime. The story’s plot, which involves a paraplegic boy who dreams of becoming a knight, is one I’ve been thinking of for some time, originally for a video game, then a short film, then (in the process of trying to draw out a film storyboard) a storybook. The motivation was to show audiences what it’s like to be confined to a wheelchair and also to help them stretch their minds beyond assuming wheelchair=disabled. But the real goal is to write a good story that captivates audiences, and create some charming illustrations to accompany.

I’ve never done character design before, nor have I really drawn a cohesive set of illustrations for an entire book, so this should be interesting.

Stay tuned for said illustrations to come!


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