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Day 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90: Eevee Evolutions sketch with watercolor markers

eevee evolutions watercolor marker irene park an opus per diem

Project 2 during my online absence (7/19-7/24): An Eevee Evolutions sketch.

Remember how I’d said I’d been trying to pick up and hone some marker skills? (Especially since finally taking the plunge into Copic water$$$?)

I finally picked up some Bristol Smooth paper, which handles marker work so much better than watercolor paper. So in anticipation of my new markers, which are supposed to arrive earlier in the upcoming week, I wanted to see how well I could color and blend with my Akashiya Sai watercolor markers.

For quick subjects to color in, I chose Eevee (because I adore Eevees) and its three evolution types, basing my work on Mato’s illustrations in the Pokémon Adventures manga series.

I didn’t expect the sketch to take so many days, but I really didn’t mind how long it took to finish, because I was genuinely enjoying the marker coloring experience, especially now that I had the proper paper and I had a better idea of which markers to use when, thanks to some sketchbook doodles (including that hastily drawn Ponyta from Day 78). And unlike when I’m trying to force myself to put real effort into something I’m not that invested in and failing (again, that Ponyta that I wasn’t all that invested in), I really wanted to take time and make this one turn out right.

As usual, I have a lot of critiques about my work, including (but not limited to):

  • I didn’t get the face symmetry right on Eevee and now he looks fat in the face because of the larger and rounder right cheek,
  • The color work on Vaporeon was especially off, partly because I just didn’t have enough shades in blue,
  • Eevee and Vaporeon turned out way too dark, even after I tried to create as light a base color as I could,

BUT: I’m actually pretty pleased with the way this turned out, because it came out much better than I thought I could manage. I got a decent amount of blending from my watercolor brush pens and Tombow Play Color 2 pens (Play Colors are so hard to blend, especially in wide swatches, but they were useful when I had to substitute in for the shades I lacked in the Akashiya Sais). And despite some mishaps with the ink lining, I think I was able to produce some dynamic line variation, especially on the Flareon. (I was also practicing my hand at using a brush pen, and have decided to stick with my super-fine Sakura Pigma Microns for my illustrating needs for now.)

Debating adding a background to this, but can’t decide how the hell to color it at all.


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